MLAF - Medway Local Access Forum

Forum Members

Rita Hunt - Chair - Rede Common Action Group

Sue Saunders - Vice-chair - British Horse Society

Secretary- position variable at present

Karen Tamset - Highway Management Engineer, Medway Council

Annmarie Behn - PROW officer, Medway Council

Adam Taylor - PROW officer, Medway Council

Cllr Maggie Coleman - Halling Parish Council

Cllr Michael Dale - St James' Isle of Grain Parish Council

Cllr Sylvia Edwards - Isle Of Grain Parish Council

Ian Gray - Cuxton Countryside Group

Keith Greenfield - Cycling Association

Cllr Tony Watson - Medway Council

Chris Morris - Medway Towns Footpath Group

Ben Sweeney - Plantlife International

Richard Whitebread - National Farmers Unio

Tina Woodward - Ramblers Association