MLAF - Medway Local Access Forum

Medway's Public Rights of Way Network

Open Meetings

Our committee meetings are always open to the general public,and those of you who wish to air a particular issue you would like resolved, with respect to access. However, please do contact the Secretary first as all have to pass through security checks prior to the meetings.

Contact point

Annmarie Behn, or designated secretary on forum members site.

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                                  Medway Local Access Forum needs YOU!


What is a Local Access Forum?

Local Access Forums (LAFs) are statutory bodies, introduced by the government through the Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000.

They are independent advisory bodies set up to advise the Local Authority and give fresh ideas on ways to improve public access and open-air recreation for the benefit of all.

In carrying out its functions, a LAF must also have regard to the needs of land management and the desirability of conserving the natural beauty of the area.

LAFs are made up of appointed members who represent both users of local rights of way or access land and owners / occupiers of access land or land through which local rights of way run.


Medway Local Access Forum meet quarterly, on the first Thursday in March, June, September and December. The meetings run from 4pm-6pm and are held at Gun Wharf Council Offices.

Medway Local Access Forum currently has vacancies for members who can represent people with disabilities and dog-walkers.


If you feel you could help improve access for all and would join a forum of like- minded people, please email